You just sit there staring at the Box. Intuitively you know this box can provide the answer you’re looking for, so you now prepare yourself to give it one more chance… You must convince the Box of your undying loyalty and faith in its power. Days turn into weeks turning into months of giving it your ‘all’ to no avail. Skepticism regarding the possibility of ever accessing the underlying structure, mechanism and dynamic of the box’s gift is surfacing.

Confidence in the box combined with any belief in your ability to receive the box’s ‘magic’ has diminished. Feelings of hopelessness begin to surface. The time has come to let go of all the wishing and hoping the box will give the answer sought. It was really quite silly believing an inanimate object was capable of magic powers anyway. What were you thinking? The moment has arrived. The decision is made to give up any hope a box will provide the answer to your lifelong problem – you stop relying on this box as any more than an inanimate thus motionless object. You’re done! Taking a deep cleansing breath you revisit what you learned long ago on how to rely on the healing powers of what the breath offers. You finally experience that slightly audible sigh of relief letting go of believing the box will deliver what you’ve sought most of your life. It’s really comforting the moment all expectations of the box’s powers are given up. The moment that deep ‘healing’ breath is fully expelled, the box jiggles.

Whoa! What just happened? Obviously if the box jiggled once it will surely happen again – skepticism gone. Renewed feelings of hope are palpable motivation to persist soars. Phew – years of practicing Zen finally paid off. The box’s slight oscillation surely came from that place of oneness living completely in the ‘now’, the old familiar and powerful state of being in ‘harmony with the universe’. It’s had been years but luckily like riding a bike you quickly assume the position. Crossed legged, arms gently resting in your lap with fingers intertwined one thumb gently touching the other the deep abdominal breath is taken, held gently then ever so slowly expelled. The box refuses to respond. Weeks go by but the box’s power is not being manifested. Nothing works. Then you have the most horrifying thought.

What if you had nothing to do with the box jiggling? What if it was just a coincidence or based upon a spontaneous and unpredictable event hence no lawfulness to its jiggling? What if movement from the box was merely a random occurrence having nothing whatsoever to do with anything you did an event you happened to be in the right spot and the right time to see it?

The following segment will explain the Black Box, and its purpose. You’re about to learn how to make the ‘all knowing’ black box work. You’ll come to appreciate the Black Box is the metaphor for understanding the “Science of the human mind” unifying its complexities as the means for changing behaviors – permanently.



Dr. Deena Solomon
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