Looking up at the nighttime sky, choosing a star, while chanting the “star light, star bright” is not what will make a wish come true. You need to do something more. You’re about to learn what that something more is. The following story sets the stage for learning what’s required to make virtually every wish made come to fruition. 

“Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”

(Arthur C Clarke)

The Black Box - Decision Making - blog post by Dr. Deena Solomon

     Imagine that Gandhi, Allah, God, Mohammad, the Nobel Prize recipient Ivan Pavlov, or the one person in your life who you absolutely trust hands you a black box that you’re unable to open.

You’re told, “The choice to use this box is entirely yours, but this box will provide you with the answer for resolving one problem in your life. You’ll be shown how to solve this problem, but the way you go about it will be completely up to you. Your path will not always be a smooth one, but you will find the most effective way to identify and implement exactly what’s needed to resolve your problem. Sheepishly you ask, “Can I have a hint?” Your sage replies: Only by having complete faith can your eyes be opened up to the miracle of magic.” (from the movie: Now You See Me).

“Huh?” you react. After the shock subsides, you pick the box up and gently shake it then carefully place it down in front of you.

“BB,” you say, “would you be so kind and show how you intend to help me? The box (like all inanimate objects) just sits motionless. You knock on it, “Hello Anyone in there?” Nothing happens. Then you seal the deal:  “I’ll do everything I’m supposed to do. I give you my word.” Still nothing happens.

Every attempt to get a response from the box appears fruitless. As hard as you try, the box’s power is not being manifested. Hours go by, then days and then weeks. Everything you try still doesn’t provide the “magic answer.”  Then you have a terrifying thought. What if you just don’t have what’s required to receive the assistance that was promised? What if the answer was given but it passed you by? What if the box gave you the answer but it was just under your radar? Could this be what happened? The faith you have in the BB’s power is absolute, but confidence in yourself is now quickly diminishing.

You just sit there staring at the box. Intuitively you know this box can provide the answer you’re looking for, so you now prepare yourself to give it one more chance…


Dr. Deena Solomon
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